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Primary Data

Virtualizing Data Across Storage Tiers

Primary Data is developing data virtualization solutions that improve enterprise efficiency and agility by aligning applications, servers, and storage systems into a single, global dataspace.


Headed by ex-FusionIO team, Lance Smith, CEO, David Flynn, CTO and Rick White, CMO together with Steve Wozniak as Chief Scientist, the Primary Data team is architecting solutions to automate the dynamic management and movement of all data throughout all storage tier and infrastructure, giving companies new a new level of visibility, insight and control over their most valuable asset: their data.


The company closed a $60 million financing round in October 2013 and, with this record-setting funding, is ready to lead the charge to a new era of storage that spans from Flash to Cloud. 


Cedar Fund was a seed investor with Primary Data.

CEO: Lance Smith

Cedar Board: Motti Vaknin

Company News

Primary Data, Fusion-io founder David Flynn's startup, is unveiling its DataSphere product: universal data access software that masks multiple hardware and multiple vendor silos, to provide a single virtualized data sphere containing different tiers of data.

August 27, 2015

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who had been mysterious about his next assignment, has joined virtalization startup Primary Data as its first chief scientist. - See more at:

November 19, 2014

Summary:The brains behind Fusion-io — the company that revolutionized server economics with PCI flash storage — are at it again. Primary Data plans to disrupt enterprise storage. Here's how.

November 19, 2014

IT Industry Veteran and Former Fusion-io President and COO Becomes CEO of Data Virtualization Startup, Enabling Co-Founder David Flynn to Lead Research and Development as CTO

November 4, 2014

Flash storage has gotten lots of attention in the past few years, as it serves data to users more quickly than hard disk drives. But flash typically still costs more than disk, and issues with reliability and management complexity could be factors in the price difference.

October 31, 2013

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