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jSonar makes Big Data easy and affordable by merging the simplicity of NoSQL, the speed of MPP platforms and the scale of Hadoop.


jSonar Analytics Platform provides an innovative JSON-based capability for Big Data warehousing and a suite of rich analytic tools. SonarW, a core component of the platform, is the industry’s first NoSQL Warehouse. SonarW delivers unprecedented performance, cost savings and vastly simplifies complex Big Data warehousing projects. jSonar also provides powerful analytic tools such as jSON Studio, SonarR, SonarSQL and Sonar Gateway. These tools, as well as SonarW, are 100% MongoDB compatible. JSON Studio is a recipient of the MongoDB Innovation award for 2014 and a certified MongoDB Ready Partner.


jSonar founder and CEO, Dr. Ron Ben Natan, was co-founder and CTO of Guardium (a Cedar Portfolio) that was acquired by IBM. 




NoSQL Warehouse and Big Data Analytics

jSonar announced the availability of SonarG, a Big Data Warehouse for the IBM Guardium Database Security Market. SonarG is the industry’s first implementation of modern Big Data technology targeted to dramatically streamline and simplify the data collection and analysis of large and growing  “data lakes” of IBM Guardium database security activity monitoring data. SonarG is based upon jSonar’s SonarW, an ultra-high performance NoSQL  Big Data Analytics Warehouse

June 5, 2016

JSonar today announced the availability of SonarW1.1 Big Data Analytics Warehouse. Release 1.0 made it possible for MongodDB users to have a single, consistent data management environment-based on JSON- for both OLTP and Analytics. Version 1.1 makes it dramatically simpler.

March 7, 2016

jSonar today announced, SonarW, a major, new, capability for its jSonar Analytics Platform. SonarW is a NoSQL Data Warehouse – the industry’s first JSON-native data warehouse. SonarW is 100% MongoDB compatible, providing seamless data warehousing for MongoDB OLTP environments. SonarW can also be easily deployed within Hadoop environments.

May 26, 2015

jSonar today announced that JSON Studio, a MongoDB 2014 Innovation Award recipient, has been selected for use as part of ExtraHop's Open Data Stream wire data analytics solution.

October 06, 2014

Enables one-click AWS deployment of award-winning BI, analytics and visualization for MongoDB

December 01, 2014

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Company News

CEO: Ron Ben Natan

Cedar Board: Amnon Shoham


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