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eGlue. Acquired by Nice Systems (Nasdaq: NICE)

Real Time Customer Interaction Management

e-glue Software Technologies was a leading provider of real-time customer interaction management solutions, enabling Real-Time Decision Making and Agent Guidance Solutions. e-Glue’s solutions improved Call Center productivity and enhanced organizations’ service levels and revenue by connecting Call Center various related systems, processes and information within the organization.


eGlue was acquired by NICE Systems (Nasdaq: NICE) in June 2010.Nice Systems is a leading global provider of intent-based solutions that enable enterprises and security organizations to extract Insight from Interactions, transactions and surveillance to drive business performance, reduce risk and ensure safety.


eGlue’s leading real-time decision making and guidance capabilities integrate into the NICE SmartCenter suite of intent-based business solutions, and will enable contact centers to harness Customer Dynamics, turning insights from cross-channel customer interactions into business impact in real time.

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