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Content Discovery in Context

Curiyo was Founded by Bob Rosenschein, the former CEO of, a top-20 U.S. website. 


Curiyo is targeting the curiousity of every Internet user that consume content, by allowing further reading of interesting or new topics that were mentioned in the articles. 


Curiyo’s vision is to simplify and streamline content discovery online. Curiyo technology automatically analyzes the context of the reader, and highlights the further reading discovery opportunities with additional information including news, facts, social and more.

CEO: Bob Rosenschein


Cedar Board: Motti Vaknin

Company News

Curiyo, a company that makes software which consumers, bloggers and publishers use to enhance an online article with subtle links that direct you to useful facts and other information, has raised an additional round of just under $1 million in funding. Included in the round were both new and existing investors, crowdfunding platform OurCrowd, Morton H. Meyerson, Tom Glocer (former Reuters CEO) and Techra Investments.

January 26, 2015

The newspaper has tapped Curiyo, a startup founded by Bob Rosenschein, who created and sold it to AFCV Holdings for $127 million in 2011. Curiyo lets you click on a word or name to find out more about them

June 26, 2014

Jerusalem-based Curiyo has raised a $1.9 million seed round from investors including OurCrowd, Cedar Fund, Morton Meyerson of 2M, Kima Ventures, Tom Glocer, Gigi Levy, JumpSpeed Ventures, and other private investors. Curiyo is a content discovery and curation tool which helps publishers increase user retention and add a layer of content in context without users leaving the page.

June 29, 2014

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