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Appilog. Acquired by Mercury Interactive (HP)

A Pioneer in Business Service Management

Appilog, Inc. pioneered the space of Business Service Management (BSM) with a cutting edge software platform that enabled management, optimization the availability of critical business applications by visually managing multiple infrastructure layers.

Appilog was founded in 2000, and was headquartered in New York City.


Cedar led the A Round investment in Appilog.

At the time, Cedar was convinced that while Appilog did not have any customers yet, there is a clear market need for Appilog's unique technology and its solutions, providing real-time problem resolution capabilities to IT problems impacting organizations. Appilog’s “topology-based analysis” could inspect and identify problems and correlate events occurring on different technology stack layers, pin-pointing problems' causes, and minimizing user impact. Older generation approaches to this problem looked at the different IT areas as isolated silos, and could not provide intelligent correlation, or a “big picture” analysis. Appilog’s solutions provided the cross-reference ability and made this information available, in real-time, to the help desk staff of an enterprise, enabling better and more efficient customer service. 
Mercury Interactive acquired Appilog in July 2004. Cedar Fund was the largest shareholder in Appilog at the time, making a significant return on an investment made less than two years earlier.


Cedar Board: Amnon Shoham

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