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Aminon develops and manufactures wireless HD modules.  It is the recognized highest quality solution for real time wireless video.  The company is currently selling to the medical, pro camera (for TV and Film) and A/V installations fields while expanding its reach. Its highly disruptive video transmission modem technology meets the "video cable replacement” performance.  It is combining the high quality and near zero latency of true cable connectivity with the endless advantages of wireless applications augmented by multicast and broadcast capabilities.  Combined with bidirectional data communication, Amimon's products allow a complete “Remote Viewing and Control” close loop system.


The Leader in Wireless HD Video

At CES 2017, Amimon is launching Falcore its new racing Drone with “Shield” feature that puts Falcore into automatic hover, allowing all level of drone enthusiasts to enjoy flying without fear of crashing.

January 7, 2017

Rai, Amsterdam – Amimon, the industry innovator for HD wireless video and control transmission, is demonstrating an expanded set of capabilities for its zero-latency HD wireless video link here at IBC. Full control for gimbals through SBUS protocol is now available via the same video link, making camera operation even easier and more convenient for broadcasters, cinematographers and drone operators.

September 11, 2014

Orlando, FL – Amimon, a manufacturer of wireless HD video and bi-directional control transmission products, recently rolled out SkyLink for unmanned aerial vehicles.

May 12, 2014

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Company News

CEO: Ram Ofir

Cedar Board: Gal Israely


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