Cedar Fund's Pre-Seed® Investments

Cedar Fund pioneered Pre-Seed Investments in Israel-related technology startups, and in fact several of Cedar Fund’s portfolio companies started this way. (We even have a trade mark on the name Pre-Seed!) These investments finance exceptional, experienced entrepreneurs through a guided search for a “Killer Application” in targeted high growth markets.

What Is A Killer Application? Killer Applications are often described as the ultimate prize sought by technology inventors and investors. A Killer Application is a new product or service that establishes a strong and new market category, dominates it, and brings significant returns to investors.

How Does Cedar Fund Help Pre-Seed Companies? Cedar Fund finances the entrepreneurs and helps the company study and analyze the target markets that match their areas of knowledge and expertise. This approach is geared to identify a business need and define the technology solution to address it. With Cedar Fund’s experience, international connections and broad perspective, the team can validate the true business needs for their technology innovations and plant the seeds for later market acceptance. This approach enhances the company's attractiveness, helps companies avoid many typical startup challenges and risks ahead of time and can also accelerate their later development and product launch stages.

Our Pre-Seed Investments Track Record. To date, Cedar Fund’s Pre-Seed investments include BigBand Networks (Nasdaq: BBND,) Onaro (acquired by NetApp,) WebCollage and others. Refer to the Case Studies section of this Web site to find out more about some of these investments.

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